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1. Literary: a distinctive feature or characteristic, especially of the face. "I recognized those haggard lineaments".
2. Geology: a linear feature on the earth's surface, such as a fault.

I have been archiving my Black & White Street Photography for over a year now, working through rolls of film, prints and digital work from 2002 to present and I have found it a very rewarding process. There is a definite repetition to the kind of scenes I am naturally drawn to that perhaps I didn't notice until I could see all of my images laid out in one neat little Instagram feed entitled, @Lineamentss.

The Night Gaurd

As a result, I found myself drawn back to street photography, which is where it all started for me really, way back in 2002 at Walsall College wasting film on a battered Praktica SLR. I have a love of b&w street photography, from my first introduction to the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andre Kertesz, and William Klein while studying a night course in 'Practical Photography' at college, every Tuesday evening after my Fashion Design classes had finished. I am still very much in love with those romantic streetscapes of famous cities and their respective inhabitants, there's a familiarity to the scenes you are viewing, like a still from your favourite movie. This is the idea that motivates me, not only to document but to capture scenes that have a subtle familiarity, romantic tales of everyday scenes. 

London Bridge

I take these photographs as part of my everyday life, walking my dog, travelling, meandering through town, on days out with my family, at home or on holiday it is a constant thought process that enables me to visualise and communicate the way I see the world in front of me or simply the way I'm feeling that day, it gives me focus and purpose and I find a calmness within that process.

I can't see this project every really ending, but I never saw it start either so I'll just keep going. I'll be adding to it as I go, I have some prints available and a recent exhibition that I'll be writing more about soon.

If you would like to see more of my Lineaments then you can join me on instagram: @Lineaments

Walsall Bus Station


Welcome to my brand new website! I've tried to create something that incorporates the best of everything I do. This blog section will be used for me to upload a brief overview of my shoots, show some behind the scenes shots and keep you updated with all of my ongoing projects. You can easily stay in touch by following me on social media on all of the usual formats. This is a shot of my shadow in my bedroom, taken in 2001 on a Praktica SLR, I'm working on an black & white photo project at the moment so stay tuned here to see more, for now here's my shadow saying hello to you, and thanks for checking out my new website.